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    Fuelling the European
    energy transition

Lithium in Europe

Europe is Leading the Way…

Europe is Leading the Way…

  • Renault currently largest seller of EVs in Europe, on track for 40K units for 2017 with 9,220 sold in Q11
  • Volkswagen group – targeting 25% of sales to be electric by 2025
  • Daimler/Mercedes – 10 new all-electric models, also making batteries for mass home/commercial energy storage
  • BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar etc. – multiple all-new, all-electric models
  • Parliamentary motions to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2025 in Norway and Netherlands and by 2030 in Germany
  • Germany’s largest utility company E.ON has spun out its fossil fuel business, with the new E.ON focused on the “new energy world” of renewables
  • 24% of all vehicles sales in Norway were electric in 2016
  • Multiple operational and planned battery factories are springing up across Europe
…But Supply Security is an Issue

…But Supply Security is an Issue

  • Europe currently consumes around a quarter of the world’s lithium, but produces next to nothing
  • The Lithium market is much more susceptible to supply disruption than OPEC:
    • OPEC – 13 countries controlling 40% of world oil production
    • Lithium market – 4 companies controlling 90% of lithium production, with four Asian companies controlling 80% of Li-ion cell production
  • European battery producers need a secure, ethical and low-carbon footprint source of lithium. Novo Lítio is well placed to supply this surge in demand

The Opportunity

The Novo Lítio Opportunity

  • Strategically placed to take advantage of the growing surge in European lithium demand
  • Quality lithium development project at Sepeda, Portugal
  • Strong cash position allowing rapid advancement of project
  • Dominant land position in well-known petalite/spodumene mineralised regions of Portugal/Sweden – exploration upside, management track record of lithium discoveries and resource definitions
  • Highly experienced management team with a track record of delivering successful outcomes


Novo Lítio Projects & Planned Li-Ion Battery Factories in Europe

Lithium From Europe For Europe


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